White Harmonic Hues

Harmonic Hues 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

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"Harmonic Hues" is a jigsaw puzzle that dances with color and rhythm, inviting you to partake in a visual symphony of tessellating tones. Each of the 1000 pieces is a note in an intricate melody of shapes, coming together to form a seamless gradient of warmth and coolness. With every piece you place, you weave another chord in this harmony of colors, creating a vibrant crescendo of reds ebbing into purples and blues.

Completing "Harmonic Hues" is a journey through a spectrum of saturation, a relaxing yet engaging pursuit that tantalizes the senses. It's a delightful challenge for those who appreciate the subtleties of color transitions and the satisfaction of precision. Ideal for an afternoon of serene focus or a communal gathering of minds, "Harmonic Hues" will fill your space with the visual equivalent of a rich, resonant chord, long after the final piece is placed.

Size Guide

Made up of 1,000 pieces, the jigsaw is 700 x 510mm when complete

Product Specification

Designed with the environment in mind using natural materials, the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle is made from 100% recycled cardboard and UV inks. When complete, it is 700x510mm.