White Ceramic Spectrum

Ceramic Spectrum 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

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"Ceramic Spectrum" is a puzzle that captures the artisanal beauty of ceramic tiles, each piece a fragment of a vibrant mosaic. This 1000-piece assembly brings to life a myriad of hexagons, each one a miniature canvas of glazed splendor, showcasing a spectrum from earthy tones to oceanic blues. The glossy finish of the tiles is palpable, giving each placement a satisfying tactile sensation as the ceramic tableau takes shape.

Piecing together "Ceramic Spectrum" is to embark on a journey through a gallery of pottery, where every hexagon is a testament to the craft of ceramics. It's a hands-on exploration of color and craftsmanship, an opportunity to indulge in the soothing process of creating order from chaos. Ideal for those with an appreciation for handcrafted artistry, this puzzle will not only challenge and engage but also inspire a sense of admiration for the timeless beauty of ceramic work.

Size Guide

Made up of 1,000 pieces, the jigsaw is 700 x 510mm when complete

Product Specification

Designed with the environment in mind using natural materials, the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle is made from 100% recycled cardboard and UV inks. When complete, it is 700x510mm.